Tye Jereme Kirk

Owner, Consultant, Lead Bookkeeper at The Green Bookkeeper

Tye graduated from the University of Iowa, with a double major in Management and Marketing from the School of Business. After college, Tye traveled extensively before settling in Los Angeles.  There he started his first business in freelance bookkeeping.


In 2003 chronic back pain and stress forced him to reassess his routine. Overcoming this adversity enabled him to develop a more balanced approach to life and work. Through deep reflection and continued learning, Tye developed systems for his life and business that he uses to empower others to grow their businesses on a smarter model without compromising their desire for peace and well being.


Tye has found that as we do our work and are mindful to nourishing our mind, body, and soul, we can find more fun, get more done, have a higher level of creative innovation, and simply feel better throughout the day.


Currently, Tye applies this diverse leadership experience as the Co-Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the dynamic, influential Non Profit Community Organization Pico Youth and Family Center. Tye also leads as the Finance Director of the Los Angeles Division of Men’s Divisions International, which is a community based mentoring program for men of all ages. 

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